Adding Outdoor Landscape Lighting To Your Yard


Adding outdoor landscape lighting to a yard is a sure way to create a more beautiful, more entertaining and safer back or front lawn. However, the challenge is generally choosing the lighting type to install in a yard or landscape. But, if you follow these tips, adding outdoor landscape lighting to your yard will be easier.

Know Your Reasons for Using Landscape Lighting

Basically, landscape lighting is beautiful and functional. It illuminates stairs, walkways, driveways, entryways and outdoor seating thereby making them safer. It also highlights the spectacular design elements of the landscaping and plant life. What’s more, outdoor landscape lighting enables you to avoid limiting outdoor entertainment to day time only. When you add outdoor landscape lighting to your yard, you enjoy the freedom of having drinks, barbecues, and quality time with family and friends outdoors any time.

Decide on the Elements to Illuminate

Installing basic outdoor lights along the driveways and pathways that lead to the exterior doors or garage will be enough if your goal is to make the yard safer. Nevertheless, if there is a gorgeous rosebush in the lawn and unique features like a large tree that you admire and wish to display, consider the most appropriate way of illuminating it. Also consider how you intend to use the yard once you illuminate it. Nevertheless, regardless of your lighting needs, you will find a lighting style and products that will illuminate your landscape perfectly.

Choose Your Light Source

There are many sources of landscape lighting.

The major ones are:

Solar lighting – This is ideal for you if you are operating on a tight budget or if you prefer something that is environmental friendly.

Low-voltage lighting – This is the most common type of landscaping lighting and it uses 10% of the traditional 120-volt system’s power.

High-voltage lighting – This landscape lighting is ideal for you if your yard is large or if you want to shed light on several features in your yard.

Know Different Landscape Lighting Techniques

There are different types of lighting placements for landscapes. Deck lighting is the most common among them. This illuminates walkways and steps. It also works well with wood and masonry constructions. Grazing technique is also common. This is used to emphasize specific texture in the yard such as the climbing ivy. This lighting uses a beam of light that is placed within twelve inches of the area that needs illuminating.

It’s important to bear in mind the fact that the lighting technique that you choose for your yard depends on the aspects, elements, or parts that you want to illuminate.

Other landscape lighting techniques to consider include:

Shadowing, Wall washing, Path & area lighting, Up-lighting & down-lighting

If unsure about the best landscape lighting technique for your yard, talk to a reputable product expert or any near by landscaping company or tree service that offers these services. We recommend one of our supporters at for insight on custom lighting designs.

Factor in the Costs

The costs of outdoor landscape lighting are largely determined by factors like the lighting type, fixtures type, and the installation expert that you hire. Additionally, consider the upkeep cost when adding outdoor landscape lighting.

Nevertheless, follow this guide and you will find adding outdoor landscape lighting to your yard easier.