Landscape Decorating Around Your Trees

Trees are undoubtedly the best option when it comes to enhancing a natural feel across a property. Apart from the fresh air that trees provide, they are beautiful and they help with environmental protection from different degradation elements.

With the best ideas for landscape decorating around trees, you can make your environment more elegant and sustainable. Here are some ideas for landscape decoration around your trees.

Introduce Plant Varieties in Areas Where Grass Won’t Grow

It can sometimes be very hard to grow grass in areas under and around trees. The best way to fill up these spaces is to introduce varieties of small plants to those patches. Ground-fillers like columbine, coleus, bleeding heart and ginger are great picks. Be careful not to include fast spreading plants since because they can quickly take over the entire yard. This can give you a hard time when it comes to landscape maintenance.

Plant Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs provide an incredible way to decorate the landscape under trees. There are several varieties of flowering bulbs that you can plant under trees. These include dwarf iris, spring ephemerals, crocus, and Glory in the Snow.

Add a Bold Color and Texture

Including a few surprises under your trees can easily introduce a unique eye-catching appeal to your landscape. So, go out there and pick bright colored and lush flowers for the spaces around your trees. Since these flowers wither under much shade, start planting them towards the edges of the tree branches.

Cover Landscape Patches with Rocks and Gravel

Rocks and gravel provide the look of a distant path that enhances the beauty of a landscape. You can either place larger rocks or smaller stones to cover the areas around trees where flowers and plants do not do well. This will create a quiet place for relaxation and meditation.

Create a Patio with Natural Shade

Even if your home already has a patio, you can still erect a small and cool place to relax amidst the trees. Instead of cutting down trees to give up space, you can simply consult a landscaping professional to design and set up patio around your plants. This will provide a special space with sufficient natural shade that provides a more fulfilling outdoor experience.

Construct a Park Bench

Placing a park bench under your trees is a good move towards creating a beautiful space for relaxing and meditating. Even if you have a small garden, introducing a park bench under the trees will enhance

the appeal of the landscape. As a result, your family and guests will have a quiet place to relax.

Try Container Gardening

If worried about overgrowths across your landscape, consider container gardening. Having flowers in planters ensures greater versatility. That’s because you can easily move them to other sections of your home including indoors when there is a need to do so.

Generally, there are many ways to achieve landscape decoration goals using trees. You can hire a landscaping or tree care professional or use your own imagination to create an outdoor space that truly complements your lifestyle and the theme of your home.


To better help and serve our readers, we strive to include only the best information. Therefore, we welcome and often receive insight and content from external sources to share on our blog. The information within this post was received from a local Medicine Hat tree service company. We appreciate resources that provide us with more content.

Re-Painting & Finishing Your Deck

Let’s talk about how painting your deck will help fill in some “holes” during a backyard landscaping project. Including a re-painted deck or porch will bring a whole new look to your property. Here’s some tips on how to approach this important addition to your home landscaping plans. A painted deck looks amazing, however painting a deck can be challenging. Unlike wood siding, the wood in your deck has several surfaces that are exposed to weather. Such surfaces may be inaccessible making it hard to waterproof the wood in them. However, even after paining your deck, you may have to repaint it after some time. That’s because painted surfaces become riddled with splits, bubbles, peeling paint and chips after some time. After the painted surface becomes compromised, it no longer protects the wood fully. It will actually damage the surfaces and possibly lead to further water damage.

Since bubbling, splitting, and chipping is associated with most painted decks, it’s important to know how to re-paint and finish your deck the right way. Follow these tips to prevent water from damaging your re-painted and finished deck.

We have ventured to acquire some quality information from professional painters at who were glad to share their deck saving techniques:

Clean the Deck Thoroughly

Make sure that every surface that you want to re-paint or finish is thoroughly clean. Also make sure that the wood is completely dry before you re-paint it. Sanding, pressure washing and use of the right detergent while scrubbing the deck will help.

Replace Loose Nails

Remove any loose nails and replace it with a larger size nail. Larger nails create a like-new grip. This holds loosened wood in place better. Use a nail punch and a hammer to countersink nails. Fill nail holes with superior, exterior-grade putty. Hinge pins that are removed from door hinges are ideal for use as oversized nail sets. They are easier to use than the common skinny-tipped nail punches. When applying putty, remove excess putty to minimize the need for sanding.

Use the Right Caulk, Primer & Finish

Apply superior polyurethane caulk at the joints. Prime the puttied spots and bare areas with superior, oil-based primer. When finishing the deck, use high grade oil finish.

Choose the Right Color

The most ideal option is to choose a color that matches both the exterior of your home and your style. The market has many colors to choose from, pick a color that matches or complements your home. Remember that since paint is a solid material, it allows you to cover the wood or the old color completely. That means you have more options.

What’s more, paint provides a thicker finish. Therefore, it can be very useful when it comes to repairing the wood that has been damaged by the weather elements. In fact, there are paints that are made to serve this purpose. Paint is also more protective when applied on wood. That’s because it resists mold, sun damage, and rot better than the other options.

Allow the Paint to Cure Properly

Paint becomes easier to clean when it’s allowed time to cure. Generally, once you choose superior paint and allow it time to cure before you use the deck, it forms a hard shell on which you easily wash off dirt.

Basically, re-painting and finishing your deck is a great choice. That’s because paint is a sealer. And when applied properly, paint enables your deck to last for years because it makes the wood on your deck less water absorbent. Thus, the wood on your deck remains dry on its inside. It also protects wood from UV rays. That means your deck becomes more resistant to sun damage after re-painting and finishing.

Design A Wow-Worthy Outdoor Space With These Home Hardscaping Features

When you are planning your outdoor living space, you can’t overlook even a single element of both landscaping and hardscaping. 

Here, we will talk about how to rejuvenate your garden space simply by paying much attention to crucial hardscaping features. Hardscape is all about solid paths, walkways, patios, steps, edging, pool decks and other hard spaces added to the natural landscaping to beautify it and for means of comfort. You have endless options with hardscape; you opt for a brick paver patio, outdoor gazebo, fireplace or water fountain or even a fully-developed outdoor living room. The choice is yours!

Some of the popular hardscaping features are discussed below:

Outdoor Water Fountain – If you want to lend your garden space a never-dying impression of coolness, an outdoor water fountain has no exception. It gives a feeling coolness and freshness as the fountain murmurs and gurgles. It’s one of the most picturesque elements that bring an unmatched charm to your outdoor living area. Surround a stone water fountain with settings of vivid flower plants.

Garden Benches – The ideal material for building fix garden benches is marble, terra cotta, wood, stone and wrought iron. If you are looking for the cheapest and the most popular material, wood makes the best choice for you. Stone benches work well to add in hardscaping when it has to be installed in the formal garden. Stone benches provide the perfect medium to reflect the garden as a manicured and well-maintained landscape.

Gazebos & Summer Houses – Do you love spending a relaxing or entertaining time outdoor? If you say yes, then installing gazebo or quaint summer house in the back backyard is the best way to hide away. You can place it on a slope from where you can oversee the garden, or you can also get it besides a pool.

In evry manner, this hardscape feature adds a wow and eye-catching favour to your outdoor living space. It makes the most comfortable spot around your home where you can spend quality outdoor time with your family and loved ones.

Paving Designs – Garden paving is another popular hardscaping features these days. You can design patios, steps, siding, walkways, a new driveway installation or other hard components using paving stones. Pavers are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Talking about the material, you can choose among concrete, brick, rubber tile, flagstone, cobblestone, marble, granite stone, etc. Flagstone is an ideal choice for hardscaping a path. It’s because it harmonizes more easily than other materials with colour, texture, and foliage of the garden.

Installing Rock Garden – Homeowners are adding rock gardens to their backyard not only because it brings a visual charm. But, it’s because this hardscape feature allows you to grow your favourite and healthy herbs, lovely plants or anything you like to grow. The size of this backyard rock garden varies according to the features of the landscape of your home. It’s true that geometric shapes of modern hardscape demand less effort than other styles of your home. But make sure it compliments the overall personality of your house.

Driveway Renovation-Secrets Revealed

A blacktop driveway is prone to develop cracks and potholes over a period of time. These are the most common issues with driveways that render it poor. The reasons could be bad maintenance, improper paving and also climatic conditions. Inadequately maintained, poorly drained driveways and those exposed to extreme weather changes are more easily affected. The costliest option is to replace and repave the driveway. Even then if the existing asphalt is not removed properly, the repaving cannot be expected to last longer as the foundation might not be as good. If you are left with no other option but repairing the driveway, there are different options available depending on the current status of your driveway and the level of work needed. Many paving experts are available like to do such repairs and maintenance work.

The cheapest option is to sealcoat your driveway. This especially works on a well paved and well maintained surface. It works great if the driveway is in good condition except for the colour and minor cracks. Generally most paving companies are specialists at fixing such problems. They will easily take care of this minor issue and look at extending the life of your driveway. There is also an option to do patches and then sealcoat it. This is because of the condition of the driveway is not the best. Companies that know your driveway is a critical part of the functionality and look of your home take up the repair works with care.

The worst is when the cracks and potholes increase in number. The repair costs are definitely higher. They require overlay, patching and filling before sealcoating can be done. Cracks need to be sealed, potholes filled and asphalt coated. There will be times when you will be not sure of what option to choose. Leave it to the professionals to handle and you will have the outcome you are expecting.

What You Need To Know About Stone Patios – BBQ’s

Since Natural stone has long been an obvious choice for building, it is no wonder that it is being used so much these days for so many different things. People seem to be moving away from using plain old grey cement to construct their driveways, patio and walkways. Natural stone is so much more beautiful to look at. They provide an air of style and range in looks that can be anything from rustic to elegant. Since rocks live in the out of doors from the time they are formed, it is only fitting that we use them for outdoor decorating. After all, they have been used for outdoor projects for many of years.

Some of the best choices for outdoor use are limestone, sandstone, flagstone, and slate. These stones come in many different colors and fit in wonderfully with outdoor themes. People use them for patio floors, walkways, driveways, garden paths, ponds, and pool surrounds. Natural stone can also be used to cover things like patio steps, posts, mailbox encasings, or patio divider walls. A good thing about these natural stones is that they can be cut into shapes like squares, rectangles, octagon, and more. They can also be used in their more natural shapes and be laid in random order to create an even more natural look.

When you decide that using natural stone for decorating in your outdoor space, you should know that the cost can be significant, but there are things that you can do yourself to help reduce the cost. With a little study on landscaping you can learn many things that will help you prepare your surfaces for a professional to finish for you if you choose to use a professional. You can install natural stone elements yourself and save even more money, but you will need to make sure you know what you are doing.

Rock Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping your backyard can be a fantastic way to add beauty and color to your dwelling. You might want to landscape the whole property, develop a peaceful patio or garden area or work on the front yard. Incorporating a lot of native natural plant life and things such as rocks will be really nice. Boring landscapes become a thing of beauty when you add color with rocks. There are so numerous rock landscaping ideas out there you can utilize with your property.

Decide What You Wish to complete-There are a lot of places you might get rock landscaping ideas. To begin with, consider what you want. Smaller rocks and stones can easily be utilized to line the edge of a private drive, flowerbed or perhaps a small pond. Bigger rocks may be integrated into the middle of flowers or even herbs. Your rock landscaping project can even center around one fairly large rock as the main decorative point. Take lots of time to shop around and check out various rock landscaping pictures prior to deciding what you desire.

Do Some Research whenever you might utilize local rocks and stones in your project. Call and ask home strengthening places for ideas on native stones. River rocks for landscaping are wonderful if you live near water. It’s simple and easy to style your rock landscaping designs yourself.

Lots of Options for You – There are a lot of ways you can utilize rocks into your outdoor themes. For a totally unique project try making a landscaping rock wall. It is a fantastic method to add interesting designs to a garden or perhaps a mail box stand. You merely embed rocks of various colors and sizes into your sculpture. Stepping stones, backyard garden markers and bird baths are just some other interesting ideas you can utilize. Rock landscaping ideas are truly unlimited.